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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I required to train a worker that is only going to be with me for
a few weeks?

We often get this question concerning co-op students or temporary summer help. The answer to this question is simple. Yes, everyone is entitled to have the knowledge to work safely at all times. SP Safety on site training allows companies to deliver required training in a construction atmosphere, in a timely manner and at an affordable price.

When I have attempted to develop my company health and safety
program I don’t know where to start and quickly become overwhelmed.
What should I focus on first?

Before beginning you must ensure you own commitment to the project. Are you developing a program because you know you should or because you are committed to the safety and well-being of your workers and want to create a strong safety culture in your company? Moving forward you need to develop policies, ensure you have a program to implement your policies, define roles and assign responsibilities, ensure resources are in place, communicate to your workers, ensure understanding, evaluate, enforce, revise and acknowledge success. Overwhelming? Yes! Doable? Yes! Rewarding? Yes!!! Let SP Safety help you to move forward in a systematic order and efficient manner.

How do I prove my supervisor is competent?

To begin with it must be established that competency is solely based on health and safety performance and not productivity. Furthermore, competency is based on the work tasks and is not an across the board distinction. For example, a truck driver may be very competent at safely loading the truck with required materials and unloading them in a safe manner once on site but he is not competent to oversee the installation of an electrical generator. At the very least every supervisor should successfully complete a Supervisors Health and Safety course, he/she should have experience in the work being performed and they should be able to navigate through the Occupational Health and Safety Act and applicable regulations – the Green Book.

Who’s responsibility is it to provide and pay for personal
protective equipment (PPE)?

The OHSA states that the employer and/or supervisor must ensure workers wear required PPE. It does not stipulate who is responsible for providing the PPE. It is generally accepted that workers provide their own hard hats and work boots. For all other PPE the employer has a couple of options. One, they can choose to provide the PPE or they can stipulate that the worker must provide it. Regardless of your decision it is essential that you have your policy in writing and that you have proof that it has been communicated to all workers. If the employer provides PPE they should keep a record of disbursement and require workers to “sign off” as proof of receipt.

I have under five employees, do I require and Health
and Safety program.

The OHSA regulates that companies under 5 employees do not require a written policy or program. Many employers see this as a huge benefit however they need to fully understand that should there be a situation involving the Ministry of Labour that they now have no paperwork to prove that they have been running a safe organization. We all agree that paperwork can be cumbersome, but in the event of an accident, paperwork has the potential to save a company from being charges and/or fined. SP Safety has helped many small companies develop policies and procedures, communicate them and provide training. We refer to companies exceeding requirements as “green flags” which can speak volumes to Ministry of Labour inspectors.

More Questions?

Contact us to schedule a meeting. We provide our clients with up-to-date, concise and relevant safety information, training programs and advice to keep your workers safe and on the job.

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